Tokmak Teknoloji Ltd.
Tokmak Teknoloji Ltd.

We build Middleware solutions. We work with the best, provide the best.


We provide customer oriented head and motion tracking solutions for virtual reality applications. We also build software for machine vision and industrial automation applications.

We mostly depend on Open Source libraries to achieve better customization and lower the cost.


We have the capability to build software running on Linux for ARM based embedded systems.
We prefer to use Android® tablets and phones as embedded devices. They are durable, cheap and can be easily customized and programmed.

Our team has vast knowledge on ground vehicle dynamics and military grade simulations.
Actually that knowledge started this company, made us create virtual reality systems and gave us the capability to create top quality 3D games.

Enterprises require multiple services that need to interact in harmony. We design and implement complex enterprise solutions with our solution partners.

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