Digital Wink LTD
Digital Wink LTD

Digital Wink is a software company was established in 2014, which focuses on providing up-to-date solutions to our customers (small, medium, and enterprise) around the globe.

Our solutions might consist of Web Apps "hosted on the Cloud or on-premises infrastructure", Mobile, windows applications, or a SaaS solution hosted on our cloud environment.

We help our clients automate their business processes and enable interoperability.


Adres                    :  Çiftlikköy Mah. Mersin Üniversitesi Kampüs Alanı Km. EVL. TEKNOPARK MERSIN TEKNOPARK 2.INKÜBATÖR BINASI NO: 35 C - İç Kapı NO: Z4

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Telefon                : +90 (537) 683 07 51

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