How the process looks like and where to start to be tenant in Mersin Technopark?

Your business field is eligible to take place in Mersin Technopark. However your Project should be assessed by steering commitees. To begin the process you should fill up application form and send us via e-mail as the first step. You can download our application form via http://www.technoscope.com.tr/tr/bilgi-merkezi/basvuru.aspx


Selection Criterions of Arbitration Commision

  • Convenience of project duration and the time required to spend in and out of the region
  • Potential of commercialization
  • Developing import substitution or high-tech products with high potential of import
  • Developing innovation in production and production methods,
  • Raising product quality or standarts,
  • Increasing productivity,
  • Reducing product cost,
  • Producing technological information,
  • Incresing added-value of product,
  • Generating an efficient cooperation of university-industry.
  • Potential of exporting the products
  • Employment capacity
  • Potential of creating synergy

What are the policies regarding the employment of foreigners? Is there a specific foreigners-citizens ratio?

According to the Law no. 4691, the ratio is 1 foreign employee for 5 Turkish employee. However depending on the company profile this ratio can be tolerated in STPs in practice.


What is the monthly rent of Mersin Technopark?

Monthly rent : 25 TL per square meter+ 12 TL operating cost. Please note that this amount is for 2020 and will be increased each year.


Are there any other financial commitments required of the company, annual or monthly?

The tenants should report their financial progress via e-portal as a requirement of Ministry.


Is physical presence required of some/all of the company employees? Is the team working remotely an option?‎

At least one personnel should be employed in Mersin Technopark office in order to carry out the official procedures.

According to the Law no. 4691 physical presence is required for the company employees who will benefit from the incenties. The team working remotely is an option for the rest of the employees.

If there will not be any employee physically, the company can no longer be a tenant of the STP.