Managing Company

Mersin Technology Development Zone (Technoscope) was established in order to use the research-development (R&D) studies carried out by the university, industry and other institutions to develop new technologies and transfer them into the industrial production that will contribute to the competitive position of Mersin in both national and international levels. On the basis of TECHNOPARK Concept; We support cooperation of Knowledge, Capital & Labor

Technoscope is member of IASP since October’06.


  • Governorship of Mersin - Presidency of Investment Monitoring and Coordination
  • Mersin University
  • Tarsus University
  • Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone
  • Mersin Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Mediterranean Exporter Union
  • Tarsus Chamber of Commerce & Industry 



Technoscope’s objectives are; - To attract companies in agriculture, food, chemistry, electronics, IT, biotechnology, nanotechnology, energy and environmental technologies sector. - Large-scale companies using advanced technology and international software giants.


Goals of Technoscope:

  • To provide national industry competitiveness and export-oriented structure
  • To develop innovations on technological information production and methods of products and manufacturing.
  • To improve the quality and standards of products
  • To provide productivity
  • To decrease cost of production
  • To commercialize technological information
  • To support the growth of high-tech companies and the constitution of entrepreneurial companies
  • To provide SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) with adaptation to new and high-technologies
  • To create job opportunities for researchers and qualified personnel
  • To help technology transfer
  • To make technological infrastructure that will be able to bring foreign capital related to high-technology to country.