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VLD Engineering operates in the machinery sector and runs a project supported by KOSGEB. The aim of the project is to design and manufacture an automated and mobile parking system in theoretically unlimited number of areas where two vehicles can park, but in practice, 8-10-12-14-16-18-20-22 and 24 vehicles can park. The company aims to ensure a safe and secure car parking process with regular and high efficiency, low energy and material needs, smooth and quiet operation, and an ergonomic and economical usage safety. The project is a multi-disciplinary, multi-component, multi-member automation project in general, and it covers its implementation in the parking lot sector in a narrow sense.

The rationale for starting the project is to offer new alternatives to the solution of the above mentioned problems by designing, manufacturing and testing an automated parking system that will enable the vehicles to park in a much smaller area compared to the parking space required to park an unlimited number of vehicles in theory. The project will be implemented as a multi-disciplinary, multi-component, multi-membered mechanical design and automation project based on industrial design techniques; appropriate material research will be finalized as a prototype by following the design, manufacturing and assembly, operation and test stages.



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