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Mentech Mentor Training Program Continues at Full Speed

The Mentor Training Program, which started on March 15th within the framework of the "MENTECH: Training New Mentors for Young Tech Entrepreneurs" project, and carried out with 6 European Countries under the coordination of Mersin Technopark and funded by the European Union, continues at full speed.

The program, which is realized with the participation of experienced mentors from different countries of Europe and aims to train qualified mentors for young technology entrepreneurs, consists of the following sessions:


Özgür Durmaz / General Manager of Mersin Technopark

  • The General specifications and tasks of a mentor


Artemis Saitakis / Genaral Manager of Science and Technology Park of Crete / Greece

  • Introducing the different models of mentoring and key competences each Mentor must have (What makes a good mentor?) // Roadtrip through mentoring models and competencies
  • Methodologies for Mentoring Evaluation
  • What is Peer Mentoring (One to One; Two to Two; Team / Group)

Aysegul Aksak/ Action Coach Founder & Ozga Senoz Turkey AREL University Entrepreneurship and Leadership Office Manager /Turkey

  • What is Mentoring and Mentor's best practices? (skills, capacities, building trustwothy enviroment with mentee)


Aneesh Zutsci / Asst. Prof. University of Lisbon / Portugal

  • How to develop Team Spirit and to create an Active Participation environment with EI (Emotional Intelligence)
  • How to support a Mentee to develop entrepreneurial competences (soft and technical skills)


Mehmet Buldurgan / Sirket Ortagim Angel Investor Network Founder & Tuğba Çanşalı / CEO of Learning Designs /Turkey

  • How to develop design thinking and an innovation mindset


Aleksander Tonnison / Founding Partner and CEO of Buildit Hardware Accelerator / Estonia

  • Goal settings / planning


David Bogaerts / Founder of ISTEC Business Schools / Belgium

  • What is a successful mentoring relationship and mentoring relationship cycle with examples
  • Managing intercultural differences and problem solving in unfamiliar environments


Gokhan Çelebi / Founder of Early Technologies / England

  • How to develop a Communication strategy with the Mentees / Identification of mentees strenghts, issues and fears


Christophe Delaitre / Entrepreneurial Consultant / Spain

  • Identification of common mentoring challenges - understanding challenging behaviors


Evrim Yerli / Evolve Leadership and Coaching Founder / Turkey

  • Best solving problems strategies and communication tips for resoving conflict 


Maret Ahonen / Tartu University StartupLab Manager / Estonia

  • Identification of mentee's motivation


Enrique Ovejas / Spain

  • Exchange Relationships and Networking opportunities


George Papamichail / Innovation & Technology Transfer Advisor / Science and Technology Park of Crete / Greece

  • New business models - the lean canva model
  • How to support mentees in the analysis and preparation of a business model / new Company - learning process for creating a StartUp


Manolis Stratakis / Founder of Innobatics / Greece

  • How to support a Mentee to develop entrepreneurial competences (soft and technical skills)