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Mersin Technopark, Brazil Technopark Matching Meeting


Mersin Technopark and Brazil TechnoPARQ officials came together within the framework of the "Internationalization Providers Matching Program" carried out by ENRICH-Brazil (European Network of Research and Innovation Centers and Hubs) and IASP.

At the meetings held within the scope of the program, the short, medium and long term cooperation between TechnoPARQ, one of the important technoparks of Brazil, and Mersin Technopark were discussed.

The officials of the Brazilian TechnoPARQ, which specializes in health, agriculture and biotechnology, gave information about the programs and companies they carry out.

Mersin Technopark General Manager Özgür Durmaz, while introducing Mersin Technopark and its companies, evaluated the possible cooperation within the scope of the MoU to be signed between the two technoparks.

After the exchange of ideas, organizing trade and purchasing delegations as online, physical and hybrid, organizing B2B meetings by separating the companies in both technoparks according to their sectors, encouraging companies to carry out joint projects and the use of international common offices, to carry out mentoring activities, an agreement was reached on partnerships in EU-funded programs and work started.