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Mersin Technopark General Manager Özgür Durmaz took part as a speaker at the INNOPOLIS / Korea Innovation Foundation "International COVID-19 and Sustainable Innovation Community Workshop"


The International COVID-19 and Sustainable Innovation Community Workshop, which included innovation leaders from participating countries invited by INNOPOLIS, was held on the online platform between 24-26 November 2020.

At the workshop, which was held to create innovative policies for the post-COVID-19 era, the strategy to develop an understanding of the socioeconomic change created by the pandemic, overcome the current crisis, encourage sustainable progress at both national and regional levels and intervention plans at national, regional and social levels were discussed.

Mersin Teknopark General Manager Özgür Durmaz, in the session titled “Regional Socio-Economic Response Against COVID-19”, included Turkey's current situation in the fight against COVID 19, the measures taken, studies in the fields of health, economy and education, while Mersin Technopark Managing Companies and companies evaluated the innovative solutions they developed in combating the epidemic.