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Chomar Antivirus, member of Cyber Security Cluster which was established by the Presidency of Defence Industries to develop indigenous cyber security ecosystem, announced their support during this challenging period.
The campaign, which will continue throughout May, will provide their domestic cyber security products for all healthcare professionals and members of the security forces free of charge until January 2022.

CEO of Chomar S. Bilgehan Üstündağ stated that there was nothing more important to us than the health and well-being of our citizens during the COVID-19 outbreak. He expressed his commitment to provide cyber security software that they need to protect our citizens in the digital world, as well as our health, in the days when we struggle with COVID-19 as country. In this context, he emphasized that they will continue to use the cyber security products worth 100 million TRY free of charge in the first phase of the campaign, which will continue throughout May and covers 1 million people in total, and they have started the biggest campaign on this scale. Üstündağ also stated that with the software to be provided free of charge, this demand, which is needed in the process, will be prevented by providing foreign origin software, and the foreign currency to be paid for the purchase of foreign products will remain in the country.

Mr. Üstündağ underlined that “CHOMAR Antivirus”, which they developed with 100% domestic technology in Mersin Technology Development Zone, is the top priority of ensuring the security of our country in cyber space and that they will continue to strengthen their efforts in this field day by day.
He also stated that it is sufficient to create accounts with their corporate e-mail addresses from until 31.05.2020 to use free products, and stated that they will continue to offer different supports in these difficult days.