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Turkey's First Cluster Platforms ATIK and MERTEK Established in the coordination of Mersin Technopark

Mersin Technopark has set an example with the activities of developing growth and internationalization strategies together with the URGE IT Cluster and the IT companies in the sector, starting with the 2014 Communiqué on Promoting the Development of International Competitiveness. Mersin Technopark developed a new model for cluster formation, under the platform structure continues to lead in the establishment of Turkey's first cluster platform.

In this context, the Mediterranean Technology Sector Exporters Cluster Platform (ATİK) Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 20.12.2019 under the Presidency of Mersin Technopark Coordinator, with the participation of the Mediterranean Information Technologies Association (AKBİLDER) and the Mersin Information Industry Business People Association (MEBİAD) officials and members.

Again with the aim of increasing the local cluster formations within the framework of the same purpose, Mersin Technology Industry and Businessmen Association (MEBİAD) officials and members of the Mersin Technology Industry and its representatives, with the participation of Mersin Information Technology Industry and Representatives, under the Presidency of Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO) on 27.12.2019 Sector Cluster Platform (MERTEK) Memorandum of Understanding was signed.

Mersin Technopark General Manager Özgür Durmaz gave information about the scope of the platforms,; With the establishment of the Mediterranean Technology Sector Exporters Cluster Platform (ATİK) and Mersin Technology Sector Cluster Platform (MERTEK), it is aimed to increase the export items, product and project development, the promotion of the ICT sector in Mersin, and to take initiatives at home and abroad with cooperation of public, private sector and NGO-like institutions and organizations.