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Mersin Technopark is on the 4th Place in Turkey

The 6th Technology Development Zones Summit organized by the General Directorate of Science, Industry and Technology was held on May 08, 2018 at Bilkent Hotel and Conference Center.

Speaking at the summit Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk concise, in Turkey, the number of technology development zone has reached 77, while 21 parks are under construction.

Underlining that they aim to establish technology development zones in all 81 provinces, Özlü said,  in the first 3 months of the year, we announced the establishment of 8 technology development zones and signed a new record. 28 thousand projects have been completed and 8,500 projects have been continuing. 3.4 billion dollars of export revenue has been obtained from the projects produced in our technoparks. " he said.

Following the speech of Minister Özlü, the results of the Technology Development Zones 2017 Performance Index were announced, in which Mersin Technopark took the 4th place among 77 Technoparks.

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