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General Manager of Mersin Technopark Özgür Durmaz Participated to the Mersin Provencial Economy Meeting

Provencial Economy Meeting in which, economic situation of Mersin, its existing potential and ongoing goverment and private sector investments were discussed was held under the chairmanship of Governor of Mersin Ali İhsan Su.

Metropolitan Municipality, universities, the officials from public institutions, trade bodies and NGOs were present in the meeting. In the meeting while manufacturing and employment issues in our province, pursuit of investments and coordination between institutions were discussed, the points that needs to be done for development of the economy of our province were tackled.

Serafettin Asut, President of Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, made a presentation about economic indicators of Mersin.
Mayor of Mersin Burhanettin Kocamaz gave informations about ongoing projects in Mersin while stating that they received more than 30 applications for energy production province wide.

Pesident of MESIAD Mehmet Deniz emphasized the importance of agriculture in the city and stated that the contrubution of the city to the country will rise in that sector.
5th Regional General Director of Highways Yakup Dost expressed that the projects in the amount of 5 billions 240 millions TL go on and they predict to finish the year with an expense of 600 millions.

In his speech, Regional Director of TEDAS Tayfun Sevindik mentioned about establishing electricity substucture and energy unbundling while Governor Ali İhsan Su emphasized the importance of energy diversity.

At the end of the meeting, Governor Ali İhsan Su stated that their activities to increase production and employment go on in all the fields, and referred to the importance of acting together with all the dynamics of the city to realize all those activities successfully.

The meeting ended after exchange of views and considerations.

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