Supports & Funds

Technopark tenants are granted some exemptions and advantages in Turkeyunder the Technology Development Zones Law No. 4691 and Law No. 5035. These are;

a)    Income and corporate tax exemption of the profits based on software development and R&D activities until the end of 2013.

b)   Income tax exemption on the wages of the software developer and R&D staff until the end of 2013.

c)    Throughout the period in which the profits are exempted from income and corporate taxes, system management, data management, business applications, sector, mobile and military command control application software developed at technopark in form of delivery and services are exempted from VAT.

d)   Public institution and university staff are allowed to work only at technoparks on full/part time basis provided that they got permission from their institution.

e)    Incomes earned by the academic staff, lecturers, research staff and experts working on part time basis are excluded from the revolving fund of the university. Full time employed university staff is given unpaid leaves by their employers and they maintain their permanent position in the university. 

f)    Academic staff having the permission of the University Board of Directors, in order to commercialize the results of their researches, may set up a company in technopark, become a partner of an already existing company and/or work in the management of those companies. 

g)   In accordance with the Foreign Capital Incentive Law No. 6224 and relevant regulations, foreign managers and qualified R&D staff may work at technoparks.

h)   The total amount of the grants and aids made by income and corporate taxpayers as sponsorship to individuals, institutions or corporations performing R&D activities in these zones will be subject to discount at the rates and basis determined under section 89, paragraph 2 of Income Tax Law No. 193 and section 14, paragraph 6 of Corporate Tax Law No. 5422.

i)   Exemption of employer share of insurance premiums