Application Process

Technoscope provides two alternatives for companies to accommodate. These are;

- Leasing Office

Tenants having different utilization objectives are offered various office spaces.  These offices are equipped with telephony lines, internet and electrical infrastructure, ready to start business.  There are two types of offices in two buildings:


a) Administrative Building

         16 offices covering areas ranging from 20 sq.m. to 80 sq.m., having air-conditioners, telephony and internet infrastructure, individual electric power meters and hobby sports in the common area.


b) Laboratory Building

         16 lab-offices covering areas ranging from 50 sq.m. to 110 sq.m. with epoxy floor resistant to chemicals, ceramic covered walls, individual electric power meters, water installation for each lab, 220V and 380V electricity, telephony, internet, air conditioner infrastructure.


- Constructing Buildings

Companies planning to stay in Technoscope for a long period of time or would like to construct their own building serving their utilization purposes efficiently have the option to construct their own building in compliance with the standards determined by Technoscope:


a) Constructing Business Center on Leasible Land

         Companies are able to construct their own business center on Leasible land in accordance with their needs. Projects of the buildings must be in conformity with the standards determined by Technoscope and the development plan in force. Companies get the property usage right of the building for 10-15 years and pay the rent on a monthly basis at a moderate rate. At the end of the term, ownership of these buildings will remain with Technoscope; however, companies may continue their R&D activities in these buildings by having advantageous leasing agreements


b) Constructing Manufacture Units on Leasible Land

         Companies, willing to conduct R&D activities with machinery equipment exceeding the standard office sizes are able to construct manufacturing units. A project is prepared for such units having 8m height, 16m width, and gates on both sides allowing vehicle entry-exit. Units are flexible in terms of areas, since allocations can be made ranging from 250 sq.m. to 17.000 sq.m. Companies get the property usage right of the unit by paying the rent on a monthly basis at a moderate rate.