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06/05/2021Kosgeb Rapid Support Program Information Meeting Was Held30/04/2021Effective Communication and Body Language Training Was Carried Out25/03/2021MERSİN TECHNOPARK VISITED ARDENT PLASTIC FACTORY FIELD OF WHICH WE ARE THE MENTOR24/03/2021Mersin Technopark Became Live Broadcast Guest of Toros University TV19/03/2021Mentech Mentor Training Program Continues at Full Speed02/03/2021APPLICATIONS STARTED FOR THE MENTECH MENTOR TRAINING PROGRAM!18/02/2021“Own Your Idea Training” Was Held for Mersin Technopark Companies16/02/2021An Information Meeting on the Calculation Method of All Exemptions and Exceptions in Technopark Legislation was Held16/02/2021Inosuit Program Information Sharing and Preliminary Preparation Meeting was Held12/02/2021Mersin Technopark Participated in Mersin Innovation Needs Analysis Meeting10/02/2021Opportunity for Entrepreneurship Closing Meeting Held09/02/2021Mersin Technopark Visited Mediterranean Municipality08/02/2021In cooperation with Mersin Technopark, Mersin Provincial Directorate of Labor and Employment Agency and Professional Human Resources Platform, ISKUR Supports During the Pandemic Period were Explained Online03/02/2021Mersin Technopark Participated in 3-day Applied Project Workshop Training for TEYDEB 1501 and 1507 Support Programs03/02/2021Mersin Technopark, Model Factory Visit28/01/2021Mersin Technopark Participated in the Opening Meeting of Turkish Informatics Foundation VOC Test Center Project27/01/2021Mersin Technopark Participated in Turkey Digital Conference27/01/2021Mersin Technopark Participated as a Speaker at the Education Week Workshop22/01/2021Mersin Technopark Held AJH Edison Online Collaboration Meeting21/01/2021TUBITAK TEYDEB Call System and Project Applications for the 2021-1 Term Training for Mersin Technopark Companies was Held21/01/2021Cooperation Visit from Mediterranean Municipality to Mersin Technopark14/01/2021System Global Cooperation Visit14/01/2021Cooperation Visit from the Metropolitan Municipality to Mersin Technopark13/01/2021MERSIN TECHNOPARK HELD THE FIRST BOARD MEETING OF 202108/01/2021METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY COOPERATION MEETING07/01/2021"TECHNOSCOPE EXPORT 2021" FAIR WAS HELD06/01/2021Mersin Technopark General Manager Özgür Durmaz was the guest of ICT Media “Techno Agenda”29/12/2020Participated in Mersin Technopark Toros University Advisory Board Meeting26/12/2020Mersin Technopark Evaluated the Year 2020 with Company Representatives25/12/2020CHAIRMAN OF MTSO BOARD OF DIRECTORS SIDES WITH TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES24/12/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in KUSI Meeting23/12/2020Determination of Intellectual Property Type and Related Roadmaps Webinar Was Held23/12/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in TUSIAD R&D Innovation Webinar22/12/2020Incentive and Supports Information Meeting for R&D and Production15/12/2020Mersin Technopark, Semnan Technopark Cooperation Meeting11/12/2020Acceleration Program Trainings were Held for Mersin Technopark Companies10/12/2020Mersin Technopark attended the 2021 Information Meeting of the Social Development Support Program (SOGEP)10/12/2020Mersin Teknopark attended the Mobilefest - Digital Technologies Fair and Conference Information Meeting08/12/2020Mersin Technopark participated in the "Automatic Information Exchange – AEOI" Webinar organized by the Turkey - Switzerland Trade Delegation08/12/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in DEİK/ Turkey Korea Business Museum Meeting07/12/2020Mersin Technopark- Morocco Cooperation Meeting03/12/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in COSME “CLUSTER EXCELLENCE” Preparation Training03/12/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in IASP 2020 Online World Conference01/12/2020Mersin Technopark, Brazil Technopark Matching Meeting25/11/2020Mersin Technopark General Manager Özgür Durmaz took part as a speaker at the INNOPOLIS / Korea Innovation Foundation "International COVID-19 and Sustainable Innovation Community Workshop"19/11/2020Information Systems and Cyber Crimes Information Meeting was Held13/11/2020Cooperation Visit from ICT Media Authorities to Mersin Technopark12/11/2020Cooperation Meeting was Held with the State Supply Office11/11/2020FIRE AWARENESS TRAINING WAS HELD IN MERSİN TECHNOPARK04/11/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in SMEs and Industry 4.0 Online Training03/11/2020TURKISH TELEKOM VENTURES COOPERATION MEETING02/11/2020ONLINE BRAND AND PATENT TRAINING27/10/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Training 27/10/2020Vestel Ventures Cooperation Meeting with Mersin Technopark Companies26/10/2020Online Experience Sharing with Hatay Teknokent26/10/2020COMPANIES EVALUATION AND MENTORING MEETING HAS BEEN ORGANIZED IN 2020.23/10/2020TRANGELS INVESTMENT NETWORK COOPERATION MEETING21/10/2020"Investment and Investment Processes Training" was given to Mersin Technopark firms.21/10/2020‘’Innovation Creation Process Analysis of Technoparks at Different Regions in Turkey" Project Outcomes were assessed.20/10/2020We Participated in Technology Development Zones 9th Coordination Meeting16/10/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in Erasmus + Chat Event16/10/2020UK Market Entry and Investor Interviews16/10/2020Mersin Technopark Mentech Project Celebrated Erasmus Week15/10/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in Qatar Innovation Ecosystem-Challenges and Opportunities Panel15/10/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in Mersin Health Village Project Workshop15/10/2020Mersin Technopark Participated Hülya Mutlu "You Hit It Right" Online Interview15/10/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in Turkish-Hungarian Artificial Intelligence and High Technology Conference14/10/2020Mersin Technopark Participated ‘’Preparing for Virtual Fair’’ Event14/10/2020Tips Of Investment Negotiations14/10/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in India Information Technologies Week with Online Stand13/10/2020Mersin Technopark Participated in the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) Workshop08/10/2020Mersin Technopark Companies Came Together With Buyer Network Brand Family06/10/2020Osmaniye Technopolis Visit05/10/2020GENERAL MANAGER OF MERSİN TECHNOPARK(TECHNOSCOPE) ÖZGÜR DURMAZ INTERVIEWED WITH SANAYİ TV05/10/2020Information Meeting about the Process of Establishing a Company and Getting Work Permit for Foreign Entrepreneurs03/10/2020’TECHNOPARKS ARE TALKING’’ PROGRAMME HOSTED GENERAL MANAGER OF MERSİN TECHNOPARK ÖZGÜR DURMAZ 02/10/2020GO BEYOND OF THE BOUNDRIES OF BRAIN CONVERSATION01/10/2020WARSAW UNIVERSITY COLLABORATION MEETING26/09/2020MERSİN TECHNOPARK CHOMAR ANTIVIRUS FIRM WAS THE QUEST OF ‘’TECHNOPARKS ARE TALKING’’ PROGRAMS ‘’ 13TH EPISODE 24/09/2020MERSIN TECHNOPARK ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING WAS HELD UNDER THE PRESIDENCY WITH GOVERNOR ALI IHSAN SU 17/09/2020INTIATIVE OPPORTUNITY GRANT PROGRAM HAS RESULTED10/09/2020MERSİN TECHNOPARK FIRMS, CAME TOGETHER ONLINE WITH KEIRETSU FORUM TURKEY -ANGEL INVERSTOR NETWORK 31/08/2020OPPORTUNITY TO VENTURE PITCHING DAYS ARE CONTINUES31/08/2020MERSİN TECHNOPARK MADE ITS MARK ON THE ‘’FIRST 500 PLUS IT COMPANY 2019’’LIST07/08/2020MERSİN TIM-TEB ENTERPRISE HOUSE 2020 2ND TERM START UP PROGRAM JURY MEETING27/07/2020MERSİN TECHNOPARK VISIT FROM MODEL FACTORY AND INNOVATION CENTER DEPUTY DIRECTOR24/07/2020INDUSTRIAL SOFTWARE AND LEGAL PROTECTION OF COMPUTER PROGRAMS TRAINING24/07/2020AK PARTİ PROVINCIAL CHAIRMAN CESİM ERCİK VISITED MERSİN TECHNOPARK23/07/2020IDETEK UK FAMI- FACILITATING ACCESS TO MARKET AND INVESTMENT / COLLABORATION MEETING21/07/2020MERSİN TECHNOPARK VISITED HIGH POWER GREEN MOTOR A.Ş PLANT AND MANUFACTURE AREA20/07/2020ENORMOUS APPLICATION TO ‘OPPORTUNITY GRANT PROGRAM’20/07/2020MERSİN PRESIDENT OF CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY VISITED AKYÜREK R&D FIRM20/07/2020MERSİN PRESIDENT OF CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY VISITED SOOCOMMERCE YAZILIM FIRM20/07/2020MERSİN PRESIDENT OF CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY VISITED KALLE INNOVATION FIRM20/07/2020MERSİN PRESIDENT OF CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY VISITED ARNİOS TECHNOLOGY FIRM20/07/2020MERSİN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY PRESIDENT VISITED BARKOSOFT FIRM20/07/2020MERSİN CHAIRMAN OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY AYHAN KIZILTAN VISITED TECHNOPARK FIRMS IN THEIR OFFICE14/07/2020MERSİN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY VISITED TO VELDO TEKNOLOJİ FIRM14/07/2020MERSİN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY VISITED TO OES MARINE SYSTEMS FIRM14/07/2020MERSİN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY VISITED TO HEMEN GELİRİZ FIRM14/07/2020MERSİN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY VISITED TO ePATİ YAZILIM FIRM14/07/2020MERSİN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY VISITED TO GMK MACHINE COMPANY A.Ş.14/07/2020MERSİN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY VISITED EBİLGE TEKNOLOJİ A.Ş.07/07/2020‘INITIATIVE OPPORTUNITY GRANT PROGRAM ‘INFORMATIVE MEETING02/07/2020TGBD-THEMATIC CONVERSATIONS ‘’CRITIC ELEMENTS FOR TTO FORMATIONS, NEEDS AND PROGRESS’ MEETING12/06/2020‘’AFTER COVID 19 E-COMMERCE OPPURTUNITIES FROM ÇUKUROVA’’ INTERVIEW WITH YAMAN ALPATA04/06/2020 ‘’TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT ZONES 8. COORDINATION MEETING ‘’ HAS BEEN MADE ONLINE07/05/2020100 MILLION TRY WORTH OF ANTIVIRUS SUPPORT FROM MERSİN TEKNOPARK COMPANY FOR COVID-19 STRUGGLE07/05/2020FOR COVID-19 STRUGGLE FROM MERSİN TECHNOPARK FIRM 100 MILLION TL DOMESTIC ANTIVIRUS SUPPORT 06/05/2020THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF MERSİN TEKNOPARK WAS HELD17/04/2020MERSİN TEKNOPARK MAINTAINS THE COMPANY INTERVIEWS WITH VIDEO CONFERENCE METHOD08/04/2020Precautions Against Corona Virus in Mersin Technopark06/04/2020Support to Healthcare Workers from Mersin Technopark17/01/2020Inosuit - Innovation Focused Mentoring Project Midterm Evaluation Meeting15/01/2020The Innovation and Industrial Implementation KOSGEB Board Meeting31/12/2019Minister Mr. Varank Examined the Products of Mersin Technopark Companies27/12/2019Turkey's First Cluster Platforms ATIK and MERTEK Established in the coordination of Mersin Technopark27/12/2019Mersin Technopark Accredited in Management Systems26/12/2019Mersin Technopark Signed Protocol on Access to Investment Funds and Cooperation26/12/2019 NETWORKING, DEMO DAY AND CERTIFICATE CEREMONY WAS HELD UNDER THE INNOSCOPE INTERNATIONAL ACCELERATION PROGRAM12/12/2019 3rd Transnational Meeting of ERASMUS + Project "MENTECH" Carried Out Under the Coordinaton of Mersin Technopark was Held in Brussels12/11/2019Mersin Technopark Management and Companies made a Commercial Cooperation Visit to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus05/10/2019 MERSİN TEKNOPARK ORGANIZED TRADE DELEGATION TO UNITED ARAB EMIRATES05/09/2019The Entrepreneurs of the 2nd Term Start Up Program of 2019 appeared before the Jury16/07/2019“Internationalization Strategies and Supports for Entering in Global Market”27/06/2019MENTECH Project Meeting was held in Greece18/01/2019Mersin Technopark Members was in QATAR Expo01/11/2018MERSIN TECHNOPARK ICT CLUSTER TRADE DELEGATION TO JAPAN10/05/2018Mersin Technopark is on the 4th Place in Turkey10/11/2017Collaboration between Mersin Technopark and Bilkent Cyberpark in Software Accelerator Programme continues by enlarging the scope10/11/2017Mersin Technopark participated to the Start-Up Event organized with the cooperation of Bilkent Cyberpark and Embassy of Lithuania06/11/2017Mersin Technopark participated to the “National Information Security Summit”03/11/2017Foundation of Sinergy Turk Efficient Association of Work and Power visited Mersin Technopark01/11/2017General Manager of Mersin Technopark Özgür Durmaz Participated to the Mersin Provencial Economy Meeting 31/10/2017Mersin Technopark General Manager Özgür Durmaz participated to the “KOSGEB R&D, Innovation and Industrial Execution Support Programme” Assembly Meeting.31/10/2017First Aid Training fort The Staff of Mersin Technopark and Their Companies31/10/2017Mersin Technopark Participated To The Informal Meeting Of Centralised Actions Of The Erasmus+ Programme, Held At Abdullah Gul University:24/10/2017 General Manager of Mersin Technopark Ozgur Durmaz, was the on-air guest of TRT Cukurova Radio:24/10/2017European Investment Fund TTA Turkey Project Publicity Meeting23/10/2017Mersin Teknopark Delegation came together with the investors in Dubai on 6-13 October 201720/10/2017Prof. Nermin Simsek Kus, the founder of ECHOCHEM, one of the companies of Mersin Technopark, is awarded as start-up in “2017 Sustainable Business Awards”18/10/2017General Manager of Mersin Technopark Özgür Durmaz, was the on-air guest of TRT Radio 118/10/2017Tarsus Technology Team, awarded in “Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle” held by TUBITAK, visited General Manager of Mersin Technopark Özgür Durmaz. 18/10/2017Mersin Technopark in IASP (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation)18/10/2017Development Minister of Turkey Lütfü ELVAN visited Mersin Technopark18/10/20173RD TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT ZONES COORDINATION MEETING WAS HELD31/08/2017Mersin Technopark ICT Cluster was in Seoul for B2B Meetings29/12/2014İstanbul has been Exposed to the Landing of the Mersin Technology Development Zone Companies22/12/2014Mersin Technology Development Zone Board Meeting was Held under the Chairmanship of the Governor of Mersin19/12/2014Informative Meeting about European Union Funds in Mersin Technoscope12/12/2014Mersin Technoscope is Making the Career Planning of Young Brains 08/12/2014Mersin Technoscope and International Prefessionals meet for "Innovation" in İstanbul20/11/2014White Hat Hacker at Technoscope's Firm20/11/2014Technoscope Firms are Growing with TEB (Turkish Economy Bank)  Enterprise House Training 17/11/2014Fikri IŞIK, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Republic of Turkey Visited to Technoscope28/10/2014Managers of Technology Development Zones in the World Met in Qatar20/10/2014Technoscope and IBM Meeting