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Our Projects which we  are continuing to develop in Mersin Teknopark


In this Project we are developing an integrated software which will minimize the effort who are working in guesthouses of the governmental area. There ara specifik management systems and reports in these places.  The softwares until now are not suitable for this kind of management. Our target is to solve these problems in one integrated solution. We are still developing the modules.


With our gold series we are going to prepare a management system for  all type of hotels. We separated this Project to three parts

a)   Front Office

b)   Accounting

c)   Restaurant and Cafe Bar managing system

Front Office is suitable for all types of small hotels up to five starred hotels. The purpose of this projct is to manage the guests accounts as easy as it can be.

Our Accounting program can be used separately or integrated with front Office modüle. The purpose is to track money in the plant.

The restaurant module is suitable for places which ara selling food. We addes kiosk modules and handheld terminal software to get orders quickly. The orders are going to kitchen as they are inserted to the computers.

This poject is still continuing to develop.