Company Details


Mersin Informatics Consultancy Co., Ltd. is mainly focused on Quality Management Systems within the context of Higher Education.  Implementation of ISO 9001-QMS in education, Quality Management Information System for HE, University Management Information Systems (U-MIS), Quality assurance for HE or unique university-oriented QA systems for HE. All these are within our capability. With the tools already on the market, named Quality Management Information System (Q-MIS) based on ISO 9001:2008 and University Management Information System (U-MIS, having 50 and more discrete modules), we are fully committed to Turkish Higher Education regarding quality issues. We solve all quality-related issues in Turkish Higher Education Area in accordance with Bologna Processes, Internal Control Standards, ENQA-ESG, YOK, YODEK and so on. Tailor-made solutions with cutting-edge software or BPM-based higher education process management or just the document management based on ISO standards are all the areas we feel confident at.

The project we are involved in, named Q-MIS (University Quality Management Information System), is about to take place on the shelves in the coming August-2013. The first application of the Q-MIS has already started in Adana Science andTechnologyUniversityas of July-2013.