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With computer and thanks to the medical and work and,training,communication,data collection,data processing,data management and medical decision making and scientific analysis,information management at the hospital is no more resricted to invoice issuing and statistic operations only,but it is converting to medical work operations.

KarMed HIMS as a system dedicated for medical institutions of first,second and third grade,is software that reduces medical mistakes and comprises an integral system offering improvement of results and increases efficiency and quality and decreases user’s costs.

 In the stage of designing supplementary units of the software and in the most communication system bases and various equipment bases,examinations are done units performance is tested as well.

Necessary tests are carried out by specialized analysts and precautionary measures are taken.

All medical units are designed in order to provide health sector continuous services without mistakes.

In this system repetition of performance of the Works is avoided since all units in the system are connected to each -other logically.

The system requires entry of patients data only for one time

The system operates synchronically and integrally in order to complete all stages form diagnosis and treat ment until discharging from hospital patient s record.

The objective of  Karmed HIMS is to enhance the user hospital and make it capable to compete on the health competition arena in terms of finding solutions , cope with the technology in order to raise the performance an the hospital and grow faster in the heallt sector and better control costs and in the same time build the required infrastructure to give enough change to administration which takes hospitals management and make the right decision through these stages and and make it capable to desing the product and the services and execute them and provide training services , consultation and researching .

Since the system can be used integrally , it is also usable seperately according to the units in a manner it suits users preference. Kardelen Software which provides its services in the area of soft ware ,hardware,beckup,training and consultation , it creates hospitals fit for management according to the international standards with KarMed automation system.

KarMed HIMS whch is developed by us is an integral system offering improvement of results and increases efficiency and decreases user,s costs.