Company Details


ePati® is a company that based on research and ePati® aims developing technology. Our basis is, developing solutions that can be used easily. These solutions are also high in quality and produced using local sources. Because, Information Security, Server softwares and Electronical necessity depends on foreign sources in our country



Antikor-II is a kind of Internet Security Center Solution. It stands out with its feature of advanced reporting , performance and user-friendly interface from imported competitor in the industry.  The Project  still is developing



UBYS is a kind of University Information Management System. It provides  presentation of  university education, research and administrative activities through information technology. The project is designed to provide wide range of services for students, academics, and other personel. The Project  still is developing


netAnahtar is a kind of Network Tunneling Solution. Universities has a common problem  that  remote VLAN can’t be finalize by the central campus. This problem can be solved by net nahtar. The Project  stil is developing