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Our Dora-İYS Content Management System comprises specific templates related to sectors. Beside the institutional web sites, portals, e-trade applications of managements and institutions, an Artisan Portal site which includes all of them are generated. When the managements demand specially designed web application or templates, they immediately become the members of our Artisan Portal site and they may publish production and service information integrated to their own sites. The Dorasoft Content Management System (Dora-İYS) is developed on this basis.

The institutions can make additions to their own contents, they can update them, they can delete them or they can move them totally to their archives to be used when necessary.

The sectors are categorized in this context and a design archive which is related to each sector is constituted.

A library which is required for the usage of animated visuals is created. Specific modules of the content management system are encoded and the test processes are started.