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Supply Chain Management System (SCM) is an integration of dealings and connections enabling movement of goods among suppliers, producers, wholesalers, distributers, retailers and finally consumers.

The system covers entire consecutive procedures in the chain beginning from the supply of goods and services, to their production and to their delivery to the final consumer. Looking at it from the aspect of business processes, it comprises a very many number of areas such as supply chain, sales process, production, inventory management, material procurement, distribution, supplies, sales forecasts and customer related services.

Barkosoft Business Management System is a modular software developed to work in integration with various enterprise resource planning (ERP) software making use of the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AI/DC) technology to monitor and process business data ranging from supplies processes, storage, sales and distribution.

Following modules have been completed and the project is in progress.

  1. Stage Business Modules

BİYS Mobile Sales Server Module

BİYS Mobile Sales Hand Terminal Module

BİYS Mobile Sales GPRS Module

  1. Stage Business Modules

BİYS Warehouse Terminal Module

BİYS Warehouse Goods Received/Returned Module

BİYS In-warehouse/Inter-warehouses goods movement Module

BİYS Stock Taking Module

BİYS Product Received module

BİYS Warehouse Consumables/Waste Module

BİYS Warehouse Shipment/Return Module

  1. Stage Business Modules

BİYS Product without prescription module

BİYS Fast Production Module

BİYS Scale / weighbridge Module

BİYS Labelling / Barcoding Module