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With the principle of "providing world-class solutions to its customers using the latest information, communication and internet technologies" , Marta Technology is a company where security, intrusion detection and recording software projects are developed primarily for Voip communication and internet technologies.

Marta Technology Inc. develops software for public institutions, medium - large-scale private sector companies; also takes an active role in project design, integration and consultancy services in the fields of Communication Infrastructure, Network Systems, Firewall, Virtualization, Antivirus, Network Infrastructure, Wireless Network Systems, Security Camera Systems.

Project Information:

SIPSEC VoIP Firewall

In IP-based voice communication, the switchboard-IP telephone is located between the Switchboard-Audio Provider circuit;

Intrusion and Fraud Detection,
Attack and Fraud Prevention,
BTK Reporting and Obtaining Basic Performance Indicator,
VoIP security and reporting solution that will provide the opportunity; By ensuring the security of voice communication, it will prevent possible illegal calls and seizures.


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