Company Details


Hypernet has been serving with the aim of making our country compete with the world in the field of information technologies with its innovative applications and reducing the foreign dependency of our country in the sector since its establishment.

Hypernet, which provides services to the private sector as well as public institutions, computer programming activities, software, computer programs, sales of computer and peripheral units, after sales technical support, training and consultancy services, electronic system activities, advanced data hosting systems, inter-institutional integration and by developing the leading mobile technologies of our age, the private sector provides the fastest and easiest process to meet the needs, especially in the correct and easy use of legislation in the public sector. In addition, it has rapidly progressed to become a leading company with its large investments in these areas.

Hypernet Bilişim, which works in cooperation with the leading institutions and organizations in its fields of activity, aims to provide high-level service to its customers and at the same time, minimizes the budget expenses made in the areas that its customers need, with the advantages it provides to its customers, strengthens its position in the industry every day.