Company Details


Hesapcini is a technology company specializing in accounting software of BARKOSOFT, founded in 1996. BARKOSOFT has accomplished a successful project with more than 2,000 customers with its solutions produced with high knowledge and technology. Hesapcini platform has emerged as a result of the detailed studies of our team, which has been working in the field of corporate business management software for 23 years. The most important feature of Hesapciini is its simplified structure and easy-to-use pre-accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses.


It has been developed to meet all the needs of small and medium sized enterprises with its rich modular structure. With this solution, businesses can perform many transactions such as Stock Tracking, Current Tracking, Income-Expense, Order, Cash, Bank, Check-Note, e-Invoice and Reports from the web and mobile, while avoiding the pre-accounting burden.


Developed by 100% domestic capital and Turkish engineers, Hesapcini displays a rapid momentum in the national market and has started to operate in the international market with the studies carried out.


Ozkan PAŞA

+90850 441 22 00