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The company carries out projects in the field of Establishing the Water Projections and Information Management System for the Future and Creating the Water Monitoring and Information Management System of Local Governments.

It will be ensured that all activities related to Water Management, which is one of the most important duties and activities of Local Administrations (Municipalities), will be monitored continuously with the Software Program that will be prepared specifically for this purpose, and a Water Monitoring and Information Management System will be created, where necessary updates can be made.

In the project, all kinds of data, inventory, etude, analysis, measurements obtained through on-site inspections and researches related to water (drinking and wastewater) of local administrations; Local Management Water Monitoring and Information Management System, which can be monitored from a specific center, will be created by entering and updating the Software Program to be prepared for this purpose.

Established Local Management Water Monitoring and Information Management System; Relevant Units will be made available to the Water Consumers on-line over the Internet.

In this way, Local Administrations; Regarding instant access to data, updating data, determination and elimination of problems, waste of resources, prevention of time loss, provision of quality, transparent, fast service, daily routine studies, continuous traceability, water projects; It will provide decisions for future-oriented economic and permanent projects, reduce costs, and increase service and usage satisfaction.

In this context; Future Water Projections of Mersin, Erdemli and Silifke Districts and Establishment of Information Management System are ongoing.


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