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In accordance with the Industry 4.0 concept, a semi-autonomous system will be produced in the context of IoT technology that can collect, evaluate and integrate instant data from the field. Producers implementing the project will be able to make better decisions. When the devices are connected to each other or to the central system, the data they produce flows into software applications that create information that people can use to make timely and effective choices. By better understanding the results of these decisions, decision makers will be able to achieve strategic goals or compare performance. Decisions will be based on knowledge rather than theory or assumption. In such a smart factory, managers will be able to determine that every element of a manufacturing system is operating at an optimum level. In this way;

-This is less lost time,
-Better asset utilization,
-Decrease in total cost of ownership,
-More focused and productive workforce,
-More accurate and feasible performance metrics,
-It provides a better result and profitability.

2015-2018 The overall objective of Turkey's Industrial Strategy covering the Year "increasing the competitiveness of Turkish industry and productivity, higher share in world exports, which mainly produce high value added and high-tech products, qualified labor force and a sensitive but also the environment and society to accelerate its transformation into an industrial structure ”. In this context, a transition from a model based on import substitution to an export-oriented model will be made with a system that will serve this purpose with the project.