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In clinical study and research area, Academic Health Research Center (ASAM) aims to study basicly drug, medical supplies and  production of consumer goods for national and international markets. An important goal of the firm is to be a firm of RɤD that aims to supply the association between medical products, materials and industry.

To contribute the research and development of the production of  products and services which are necessary for modern, qualified and healthy life  and be able to do it personally. As we two sacademist, we attend the education of Good Clinical Practice and certified

To date we attend nine high level international research, four of them were completed successfuly, two of them are in progress and three of them are in phase of the Project.   Bugüne kadar 9 adet uluslarası üst düzeyde araştırmaya katılmış olup bunların 4 tanesi başarı ile tamamlanmış, 2 tanesi devam etmekte ve 3 tanesi henüz proje aşamasındadır. These studies are providing significant contributions to our country’s health science and RɤD area,  represent our country and our university in health area of RɤD.

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