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Gradyan Engineering and Software Limited company founded in Mersin Technological Center by three academic colleagues from the department of Mechanical Engineering at Mersin University, aims at providing the industry with the cost effective solutions with the use of computational methods and numerical analysis in the context of optimization of various engineering systems The company plans to be involved with the industrial and academic research projects in the field of virtual engineering with an emphasis on various physics and engineering applications to design and develop high tech products.

Design and Manufactururing of a Novel Rotary Internal Combustion Engine

There are two types of internal combustion engines typically which are reciprocating engines and rotary engines. Reciprocating piston engines with a mass, a design of complex, high pressure, high strength and consists of parts of a large number of exposed to temperatures, the pressure inside the cylinder to the crankshaft of the transfer mechanism of the formation of dead locations, the lack of a fixed moment arm, causing increased friction forces of a high wall formation, changes in direction of movement of the piston because of the high turnover and high inertia forces, limiting the movement of the parts due to the complex because of the vibrations of making full unrestrainable balancing, compression, combustion, expansion and exhaust processes have the same volume and a lack of combustion in the combustion time, volumetric and thermal As a negative effect on efficiency reasons, the desired characteristics of high-power engine with low fuel consumption achieved. The Wankel rotary piston engine type is in the high-torque, high speed and power, the use of fewer parts, such as the advantages of low fuel consumption and low weight, although not widely used because of sealing problems, and low life.


In this project to eliminate the aforementioned problems, the suction and compression of combustion, expansion and exhaust processes takes place in different spaces, according to exist is longer than the duration of combustion, therefore, better thermal efficiency and combustion with a volumetric may have better low weight, little piece, just a simple rotational movement can be done, with a fixed torque arm, high torque, high speed and high power, low fuel consumption, vibration-free operation, low inertia with the forces and to minimize leakage problems, a new rotary-piston engine with high performance values, such as structure have been revealed. This structure is advantageous aspects of both types of engine that gathers in the nature of unique and inventive. This project set out with the best characteristics of the engine structure, engine producing and operating a virtual prototype of the design of actual comparison with experimentally measured after the motor characteristics are present productize targeted.